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The Storyteller Tree

The Storyteller Tree

The Storyteller Tree is instant impact to learning spaces visually wonderful, modular, easy to install, full size with the ability to be customised and therefore owned by teachers and students.

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Making learning spaces wonderful. Capture attention - curious kids - That is when the magic of learning begins.

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Easy Set Up

Patented click system, making set up a breeze. Modular, movable, convenient storage boxes for leaf kits.

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Quick Start

Eyes on me, eyes on the tree. A quick start to every lesson. An easy way to explain biodiversity, climate, sustainability, ecosystems, food production and culture.

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Fast topic transitions

Instant redecoration making moving between topics, lessons, themes and storytelling fast.

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Cost effective

The tree is instant innovation without a renovation. It is a like a living whiteboard. All spaces, all students, all lessons and topics.

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Reusable over and over again. For year and year and topics upon topics. Designed to have a positive effect on human, social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The future is bright...

We designed something instantly wonderful that builds connections in your learning community.

Resilient Kids

Resilient Kids

Treely tells a tale of who they are & who they can be.

Treely®has a big vision for children to graduate school with a clear sense of who they are, a confident mindset and an understanding that they have a place in the world.

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Connected Communities

Connected Communities

Treely shows you need to be in a community to receive benefit from a community.

Communities are safe places to connect. The benefits of a community include access to more content, the possibility to achieve more together, an opportunity for collaboration and enthusiasm.



Treely bringing world topics to life.

Help students to quickly understand the worlds pressing topics so they can be informative decision makers in the future.

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

Treely strategies to solve all the problems the next generation will face.

The tree is a perfect example of a visual tool that helps students brainstorm and organise information in a hierarchical order around a central topic or theme.

Revolutionary Instant Tree of Wonder:

building connections by creating unique opportunities for engagement that lead to student transformation.

Plant one in your school today

Independent Schools Kings Christian College have trees planted in their grade 4 and 5 common spaces at the Reedy Creek and Pimpama Campuses.

Noah's Ark Learning Centres are part of the Kings Christian College Family have 3 trees planted, one in the foyer of each learning centre.

St Margaret Girls School in Ascot, Brisbane have The Storyteller Tree visible for all in the primary school library.

Two Storyteller Trees are planted in a Queensland High School, set to encourage and inspire their cohorts are they prepare for exams.

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Highly recommend this product. Teaching with a tree is always easy and engaging. There are so many activities students can create that can be displayed on the Storyteller.

I love that is can move with me to my next classroom.

Emily Hunt

*****Rating 5/5. An outstanding tool for creating a calm & supportive learning environment for sensitive children. As an educator and parent, I know how crucial it is to provide a space that helps children feel comfortable & open to learning.

Sally Gage

Highly Sensitive Kids

FANTASTIC! I have always wanted a tree in my classroom but it was always too hard and I ran out of time, I love this, what a fantastic idea. My students really respond to abstract ideas.

Mrs J Gordon

Woolgoolga State School

Having a tree in my classroom is a quick way to start every lesson.


Kings Christian College

Make it your own.

Make it your own.

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One tree. Three heights.

One tree. Three heights.

A showcase in the Early Learning Centre or library, a decorated tree to teach ecosystems or a charming storytelling tree to read under, this versatile tree is designed to be moved and used over and over again.

The Storyteller Tree

Attach display items using simple everyday items.

The goal is to display over and over, to tell a new story, teach a new lesson, introduce a new topic. Use blutak, pegs, removable hooks, velcro dots, cable ties, artificial vines tand even sticky tape on branches and trunk to secure something wonderful.

One tree. Three postions.

Against a Wall

Base is 50cm from wall. Book brackets 40cm from wall. Canopy 70cm from wall.

Centre Stage

Canopy can reach out as far 1.8m x1.8m for a high impact showcase.

In a Corner

Base is 50cm from wall. Book brackets 40cm from wall. Canopy 45cm from wall.