Enchanting Fairy Tree

Enchanting Fairy Tree

Looking for a magical, dreamy, enchanting tree for your learning space, we created at Treely's Studio a gorgeous tree inspired by a book authored by Shirley Barber, titled A Fairies Cook, A Martha B. Rabbit Story.

We started on the lowest height setting on The Storyteller Tree (1.6m), added our green leaf kit and placed the vines in the kit around the base and wrapped them up the trunk and ties one to the book bracket.

To bring the delicious food to life on this tree we found at a discount store two paper note pads (lemons and strawberries). So we tore off lemons and attached them to the canopy and the strawberries on the vines.

A simple stool sits beside the tree for the educators to read from, a basket of fruits like apples, lemons and oranges would be so fun so pass around.

Teachable moments: lemons grow on trees, strawberries grow on the ground.

This tree received many ooohs and aahs, delightful, calming, inspiring, joyful.


Sherryn Deetlefs


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