We have a Patent

We have a Patent

The Treely® team is made up of a group of creatives and professionals including Industrial Designers from Involve Design, Branding Team at Goldi Design and IP team at IP Gateway, plus myself who never stops thinking about this product. Our experience has got us to where we are today.  Everyone involved in the design is excited by the values of Treely and the impact this product and business can have on the next generation.

We are delighted to announce that our Tree has been granted a Patent from the Australian Patent Office. The Storyteller Tree is intended to be used and reused, click on, rotate branch, attach, detach, move, new lesson, new topic, new strategy, new location. This contact use requires clever design, some of which is hidden inside parts with the goal of easy use, durable parts, and as much fun as playing with Lego.

The journey to this point has had engineering challenges including a top-heavy concept, so we drew on our knowledge of nature and implemented a weighted base, growing trunk, movable parts, leaves that can drop like a deciduous tree, and an approach that means the user can add extra items, like a bee hive or birds nest in the wild. 

This is the incredible nature of trees and we are super excited to get this design into education spaces and make them more wonderful than ever - in an instant!

The world is remarkable, and so are you, so make the most of your day!

Sherryn Deetlefs Founder Treely World

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