Treely Evergreen Storyteller Tree with inquisitive child

About Treely

Making teaching easier, more fun & engaging.

Treely is an education resource company launching with a hero product "The Storyteller Tree" to make teaching easier, more fun and engaging. We talk about resilience, community, knowledge and creative thinking and create high impact products to bring these topics to life.

Big Vision

To get users together to share thier tree ideas and inspire other users worldwide.


To inspire & connect children with people and planet earth.


To create inspiring classroom trees, accessories & technology, so that educators can easily bring people, cultures & environments together for a bright future.


If you are an educator who shares our vision to connect children to people and the planet, then join us. As our community grows worldwide, so will the ideas, making education spaces highly creative and impactful.



Founded by Sherryn Deetlefs in Australia after working alongside the Early Education Industry as a resource supplier for 15 years.  She is a bright spark with a distinctive creative style and a flair for partnerships and supply chain. Reach out today to start a conversation. LinkedIn @sherryn-deetlefs.

Did you know?

3D objects are easier to remember than pictures. A study was conducted showing participants were able to recall an apple if they saw it and held it rather than just a photo. In a learning environments, some kids will understand an ecosystem if they are prompted by a tree with a bug on it. Food for thought!

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