Kings Christian College Grade 4

Kings Christian College Grade 4

The Storyteller Tree trialed in Kings Christian College Grade 4 precinct serving 6 classes in a beautiful space.

The tree was set up the evening before a Mothers Day Event and educators reported that

  • students love to read under the tree.
  • parents all wanted a photo taken with their child by the tree and some returned later in the day to ensure they grabbed that photo.
  • students have asked to make smaller leaves to show that leaves grow.
  • educators are working on a "fruits of the spirit" activity to hang off the tree.
  • they love the lowest setting in grade 4 so children can put leaves on the tree.

Kings Pimpama Before

Kings Christian College Pimpama Grade 5 common space.

Kings Pimpama After

Brought to life encouraging community and collaboration for students.

Early Learning Before

Naohs Ark Preschool at the Pimpama Campus.

Early Learning After

A joyful space for kids, parents and carers.

Noahs Ark Before

The Noaks Ark Early Learning Centre at Kings Christain College Logan Village.

Noahs Ark After

A joyful space, we cant wait to see what the team make of this Storyteller Tree.

Grade 4 Teachers

Delighted with with lowest height setting to ensure the Grade 4 students can reach the tree.

Special Event

The night before Mothers Day, Teachers added paper flowers and a space for a photo with Mum. This was more popular than ever with a long que forming to snap a photo.

Enchanted Library

St Margarets Girls School in Asoct Brisbane has a beautiful and engaging library.

St Margarets

The Storyteller Tree is positioned in a window that over looks a courtyard space.

Student Review

Zara is a Grade 4 student who has so much to say about the Storyteller Tree. It was Zaras idea to create a cherry blossom tree.

Meet Zara

Zara had the idea that the tree should be leaf free to make sure the blossoms were easy to see, because thats what they look like in nature.

Sparking Joy

The Storyteller Trees "Sparked Joy" for Professional Development Network (PDN) Education Leaders.

PDN Conference

The conference run by Dot Dash Events, asked leaders "What sparks joy for them?"


We have been thrilled excited students at KCC have toward the tree. We find a small group of students congregate around the tree.

Kids Love Trees

Kids are bold and bright when they tell Treely Founder Sherryn what they would do with the Storyteller.

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