Treely® Awards Australia

Treely® Awards Australia

Treely wants to celebrate creative educators with an Awards Event that will offer cash and prizes for outstanding design ideas using The Storyteller Tree.
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Let's Celebrate

We are working on crating 10 fabulous award categories to encourage the sharing of ideas and to build a library of exceptional inspiration from learning spaces across Australia and one day the world.

Award Categories

The Books Nook

Celebrating reading, library, literacy, poetry and all the books in library spaces.

The Connected Award

Strength in numbers and understanding. Family, community & resilience trees.

Wildside Award

Everything nature offers. Vegetation, animals, birds, bugs, ecosystems, biodiversity and more.

The Edible Award

Working toward food production and food security including fruits, vegetables, flowers, & nuts.

Sustainability Award

Understanding sustainability including but not limited to recycled materials.

Climate Award

Exploring weather, seasons and global change.

Top Hat Award

Showcasing tress used in events, on the stage for productions, presentations & performance, or exhibitions.

Culture Kids Award

Exploring cultures both Indigenous and international for a better undertstanding of the world.

Creative Thinking Award

Problem solving and mind mapping, many ways, many topics.

The Hero Award

For all those trees that are too creative for a box. We celebrate your style right here.

Coming  Term 4

Coming Term 4

Entry is simple. 

  • Photo of your tree
  • Name it "Mrs D's Dino Tree"
  • Tell us in a few words what you added to it to connect with students in your learning space.
  • Contact name
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone

so we can notidy you of outcomes.

T&C. By entereing, you consent to Treely and partners using your entry (so we can show the world and amplify your message).

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Our Judges will be here soon. Stay tuned.

A panel of people is required for such a difficult decision, so we are busy working with some of Australias most visible educators and our commercial parterners to judge each category.

Winners to be announced

Winners to be announced

This date hasnt been set yet, however if you sign up to Treely World and receive a weekly dose of inspiration, when the time is right the date will be set.