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Treely® Library Tree. The Storyteller Tree. Making teaching easier, more fun and engaging. Autumn leaves.
Gallery Tree. Smooth and sleek ready for layers to be added that tell stories, and bring topics to life.
The Second set of leaves creates an instant alternative to green. Connect with the seasons. Connect with the natural world.
Expertly designed parts
boxed leaf kits by Treely make classroom organisation easy
The Storyteller Tree comes with 2 sets of leaf kits and convenient durable storage boxes
The Desktop Guide is designed with the educator in mind. Topics, teaching prompts and add on resource suggestions to make The Storyteller Tree easy to use and fun to create with.
One Tree. Three height Settings. Comes with an adjustable post allowing heights to suit small and large spaces.
Pressed against the wall taking up only 50cm of floor space, this tree is the perfect 3D tree for tight spaces
Pressed into the corner taking up only 50cm of floor space, perfect reading corner for small spaces
Attach and display with these 7 simple everyday items
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The Storyteller Tree. 10/10

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High Impact. Modular. Light weight. 3D tree. Fast set-up + quick redecoration. Tax included. Free Shipping.

The Storyteller Tree by Treely® is visually wonderful, modular, easy to install, full size with 3 height settings and the ability to be customised and therefore owned by teachers and students and directly connect with lessons and themes. The tree is modular and can therefore be moved to a new location.

ONE TREE  3 heights adjustable 1.6-2.5m tall

POSITION against wall / centre of space / in a corner

Accessories for quick redecoration include evergreen leaf kit, autumn leaf kit, 10 x branch clips for extra display items, 4 x Ivy vines, 3 book brackets for book or mini whiteboard display.

Desktop guide included with design ideas to connect to learning.

Carton Measurement: 98 x 71.5 x 40cm  Carton Weight 25.2kg

Assembled weight of tree: 40kg


The Storyteller Tree Kit inclusions:

1 x base to be filled with water 
1 x adjustable post
4 x trunks to create 3 heights
3 height setting: 160cm (2 trunks). 195cm (3 trunks). 250cm (4 trunks)
1 x hub + 1 screw + 1 Allen key
7 x short branches
8 x long branches
15 x Y-connectors
18 x end caps
80 x leaf stems

80 x Evergreen leaves (4 colours) + convenient desktop storage box
80 x Autumn leaves (4 colours)  + convenient desktop storage box

10 x branch clips to hold display items or extra leaves
4 x vines to use on the base, trunk or canopy
3 x book brackets for 360 degree display

Desktop Guide Our user guide is a beautifully designed printed manual to keep on hand showcasing:
  • 8 impactful ways to bring learning to life using the tree
  • 4 pillars of learning using the tree
  • 6 step plan to design the tree to connect with teaching and learning
  • Treely topics: resilience, community, knowledge & creative learning with teaching prompts
  • Ideas & event ideas
  • Resource guide to make decoration easy using readily available items
  • Inspiration 
  • More information on Treely

Easy Instruction Guide  Positioned the base and quickly fill with water, The Storyteller tree takes 15 minutes to put together. The guide is visual, describes the parts in the box and shows a step-by-step how to assemble.  The canopy clicks together and branches rotate making building out the shape of the tree super simple. 

Shipping Free. Yes, that is right. It will cost us hundreds of dollars to get it to you but we have it covered.

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